Further education

The reason for the very good reputation of the German Health System is not least to be found in the excellent professional education of our physicians and other colleagues. The variety of medical faculties and university hospitals with a longstanding tradition guarantee a first class education of the students. Numerous cases in hospitals as well as the hospitals’ state-of-the-art equipment enable the integration of the theoretically achieved knowledge into the everyday work of a physician.

Further education in every specialty of medicine is completed by an examination as a medical specialist. Due to the structured Further Education Rules this German professional degree of specialization is internationally held in high regard.

Being a curative Senior Physician for abdominal surgery I attach great importance to the education of students as well as further education of young surgeons. Our teams of physicians can only be as good as we educate them. In addition, this is the easiest way to inspire young medical professionals for the own specialty and pave the way for a physician with passion.

This excellent education should not only be reserved for German physicians. Our colleagues from other countries seeking for a professional exchange encounter particular challenges. Our goal is to facilitate the access to an education in Germany for our Arab colleagues.

Support upon application for the German Medical Licence (Approbation)

Numerous Arab colleagues who already passed the necessary linguistic tests encounter a difficult application process. Our experience in accompanying the entire process of application, including the organization of all related requirements and review of all documents, enable the best possible support for the colleagues in this process.

Offering individualized courses

Germany offers a wide landscape of courses. It is not always easy to choose the “right“ course for one’s own demands. It is understandable that this is much more difficult for foreign colleagues. For this reason, we offer courses which are specifically customized for the demands of interested physicians. Dependent from the educational level, the practical experience, and the learning target we customize individual courses for each group. The courses are performed in the most modern and most experienced training institutes in Germany.

The training blocks can contain the following elements:

  • Lectures
  • Live presentations of surgeries
  • Training in the 'Dry Lab'
  • Training in the 'Wet Lab'
  • Training at the virtual reality simulator
  • Surgeries of living animals*

The course period and the composition of the training units will be arranged in consultation with the interested persons. After the set-up of a provisional course programme an individual cost estimate is issued by us. By an optimized, individual planning we want to support the achievement of a maximum learning success.


*In deference to life, we only will offer this training unit to colleagues who already have an advanced level of education. A maximum number of surgical interventions at different levels of difficulty will be exercised in order to maximize the learning success with each surgery.