Information for practices and clinics

Premium DocServices considers its duty to be bringing together its customers with providers of medical services.
To ensure that the focus of the process remains on the customer/patient, we fill in the organisational gaps between the time a foreign patient makes contact until the diagnosis/treatment commences in one of the German practices/clinics.
We consider our duties to be the following:

• to identify the patient's needs by viewing the medical documents and having translations prepared by our certified translators
• to prepare a proposal for diagnosis/therapy following discussion of the diagnostic findings with our medical partners operating in the relevant field, and providing information on the potential costs.


 • suggest to our customers at least two centres that are capable of performing the diagnosis/therapy concept with a high standard of expertise. The final choice will be left to the patient.
• support our customers in the signing of a “treatment contract”.
• organise interpretation of three key consultations by our interpreters as part of treatment.
• translate discharge letters into English or into the patient's native language, depending on the patient's wishes
• organise a full accommodation package for the patient in Germany

Our main goal is to ensure that our sophisticated customers are completely satisfied in respect of their specific wishes. In this connection, it is essential to not only provide medical care of high quality, but also to offer the best luxury and comfort possible.
We would be pleased to be able to work with your renowned practice/clinic and to find out about your procedures and structures in the course of a face-to-face meeting.