Patient service

Therapy concept

Firstly, we would like to find out about your needs and, if possible, view your existing medical history documents. These will be translated into German by certified translators and discussed with proven experts in the relevant field, on which basis a diagnosis/therapy concept will be prepared for you. Particular attention will be given to the possibility that follow-up treatment may be necessary when you return home and to the expected success of the therapy.


We will then suggest at least two medical centres/clinics to you that are capable of providing you with the service laid out in the concept to an objectively proven high standard. A relevant quotation for diagnosis/therapy will be prepared.

Travel organisation

From the time that you arrive until the time that your therapy is concluded, we aim to support you in all that is needed for a pleasant and care-free stay.
Our partner, who has many years of experience in organising travel, will prepare a package that is adapted to your needs and have it performed upon your approval. To find out about your personal tastes and wishes in advance, we will first send you a questionnaire. This information makes it possible to plan your individual trip.


Once you have been admitted to the clinic, you will be placed in the care of our medical partners, where the desired diagnosis or therapy will be performed. On request, we will support the clinics with interpreters for one admission consultation, one diagnosis consultation and one discharge consultation. Upon discharge, we will also have the discharge documents translated into your native language at your request, which makes your subsequent treatment at home much easier.

Framework scheme

Of course, Germany has much more to offer than just excellent medical care. If you wish to engage in leisure activities before or after your medical care, we would be glad to organise on your behalf a city trip to one of Germany's metropolitan cities, a shopping tour in a suitable place, a visit to a German Bundesliga football match, or a meal at an exclusive gourmet restaurant. Your escort persons can of course also join you in these activities.

Once we are aware of your wishes, we will prepare an individual catalogue for you. If you are interested, we will get started with the organisation of your health retreat as soon as the contract is signed.